Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Facts About My Baby!

  I thought I'd share a few things about my little baby for anybody that cared to know! Even if nobody does really care it is what makes me excited because this little baby is very quickly becoming my whole life, so I'm going to share some things that you might, just may, care about!!! :D

Name ~ Autumn Marie Habegger - Little Peanut 

Gender ~ It's a girl!!!!! I'm so excited because not everybody gets the gender they hoped for on their first baby! :)
Due Date ~ September 8, 2015 (Hopefully she holds out til her Uncle Jake's birthday on the 13th!!!) 

Her dad is going to be the best daddy for her ever! He already adores her so much!
Here's a picture of the chain he got for her.

This little girl seems to be a night baby because whenever the lights go off and it's time for bed she starts beating me up from the inside! :p
I really can't wait to see her when she's here!
I really hope she has an auburn red hair with blue eyes but I know she'll be perfect no matter what!
With all her uncles and aunts she is definitely going to have a huge welcome committee!
She is officially 23 weeks old with only 17 more to go until she's here.


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