Friday, July 1, 2016

I'm Thankful For...

1 Chronicles 16:8 KJV says,
 " Give thanks unto the Lord, call
upon his name, make known his
deed among the people. "

God blesses us to get glory. I have to ask myself if God is getting glory from all He's done for me, because I think it's so easy to just take everything for granted and not realize how much we've been blessed with until we end up losing it. What you aren't grateful for, you probably aren't going to take great care of, and what you don't take great care of you will eventually lose or have taken away.
Give thanks for the things God has given you. I hate to be cliche, but if you woke up with everything you thanked God for today, what would you wake up with? I'm preaching to me on this one! I am going to make a short list of 10 things I am extremely grateful for and I encourage you to do the same thing on a blog, in a journal, on a Facebook page, or just in your prayers. Let God know how grateful you are for everything you've been blessed with! :D

1. I'm thankful that God took my fear away! I use to think I was unloved, going to Hell for all the wrong I'd done, and that Jesus would never forgive me. Any time I begin to doubt that this peace I feel is real I just have to point to the fear I used to have and I can praise God that it's all gone because He forgave and continues to forgive me! :D

2. I'm thankful for the unending grace, mercy, and forgiveness from my Heavenly Father because of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ! Jesus Christ has and is becoming more real to me everyday!

3. I'm thankful for the guidance of the Holy Spirit! When I am uncertain I can just pray and wait on Him to lead me and He will always come through when I am in His will.

4. I'm thankful for the friends that God sends along that don't judge me for my past or for where I am, but instead encourage me to just grow closer to Christ because it's right there that I can be totally transformed and renewed and where I can get my life in the order that God would want it to be in.

5. I'm thankful for all the great Christian materials out in the world whether books, blogs, music, or even a simple tract. They are greatly encouraging when the right one is found.

6. I'm thankful for my little Autumn Marie Habegger, because without her I don't think I would have realized the unconditional love that a parent has for a child. I have done so, so much wrong and definitely don't deserve this beautiful little baby!
 A gentleman pointed out to me how much more my Heavenly Father loves me compared to the love I have for my baby. God's love is perfect and mine definitely isn't! Wow! That makes me want to cry right now! I cannot even fully comprehend His amazing love for me - and for you too! :D

7. I'm thankful for what God is doing in my family. Family members getting saved, surrendering to preach, working hard day after day, raising children, and just being great family members in general! :) <3

8. I'm thankful for what God is doing in my life. I have had two great internships the last 2-3 months, and though they are about to end, I have met some amazing people and I know God will provide for this next step of my life. I will be starting class soon to learn the Call Center trade stuff. I'm so, so thankful because I passed my HSE - only because of prayer and hard work! I should've and could've worked harder on trying to get a higher score, but I'm just thankful I passed.

9. I'm thankful for a creative, imaginative God that didn't just make us all robotic and alike. We each have our own talents and no talent is to small to bring glory and honor to God.
All the colors in the world are beautiful! Think about it... If God would have made everything black and white then I wouldn't be able to be so happy when I saw a vibrant, bright, yellow dandelion! Did I mention I am thankful for dandelions? :p

10. I'm thankful that God is teaching me to see myself how He sees me! I really am beautiful without starving myself, having to have somebody tell me, and when I have a bad day. I am God's creation - His princess - and I wouldn't trade that for the world!

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